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ROAD RATTLER – Jim Mitchell's 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. Look for a feature on this car in the March 2012 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

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Road Rattler Revealed to Public on December 8 in Conjunction with IMIS Show in Indy



The low-slung Road Rattler is unquestionably the most
radically refined Plymouth Road Runner ever built.


Mike Spitzer is shown explaining some of the features of
the Road Rattler to the crowd in attendance.


Proud "Road Rattler" owner Jim Mitchell (r) and Mike Spitzer
shown at the conclusion of the "reveal."

Look for a video on the Road Rattler soon.


Outstanding performances
by our valued customers
Congratulations to Marty Thacker (TAD), Greg Kamplain (Comp) and Michael Galofaro (Top Dragster) for their Norwalk, Ohio LODRS wins.

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