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ROAD RATTLER – Jim Mitchell's 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. Look for a feature on this car in the March 2012 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

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Road Rattler Revealed to Public on December 8 in Conjunction with IMIS Show in Indy


We carry a large inventory of components that are used to build race cars and offer them as a convenience to our customers. A number of these items are manufactured in-house at Spitzer Enterprises and can be ordered in bulk quantities. Others components that we warehouse are products that we have found to work quite well and sell them with complete confidence.

Body Quick Pins Parachute Cables 4 Link Rearend Brackets

CNC Parts

Front Motorplates

Rear Motorplate
Fuel Cell Cap and Bung
Rearend Cap and Bung
Throttle Pedal
Engine Restraint Ring

Steering Parts
Steering Wheels
Steering Bushings
Steering Wheel and Brake Grips
Camber Adjustment Brackets and Shims

T-Bolt Clamps
Cable Clamps

Tabs, Brackets & Hardware
Engine Saddles
Rearend Brackets
Rods Ends - available in chrome moly or mild steel
Tube Adapters
More Tabs
Dzus Hardware
Threaded Wing Clevis
Weld In Bungs

Outstanding performances
by our valued customers
Congratulations to Marty Thacker (TAD), Greg Kamplain (Comp) and Michael Galofaro (Top Dragster) for their Norwalk, Ohio LODRS wins.

Video Tour of Spitzer Race Cars With Bob Frey